5 Frames: Whiteface Mountain on Ferrania P30

This summer has been super rainy, just all-the-time rain. So much rain that much of Vermont’s valleys have been flooding, including our capitol city. We made the national news for a minute, maybe you heard about it. There were a few dry weekends, though, so we packed up some cameras one of those afternoons and headed over to Wilmington in New York to take some photos from the summit of Whiteface Mountain. One of the films I loaded was an 80 iso Italian film I’d never used before, but I liked the package design, and I like super contrasty slow films.

Whiteface is the fifth highest mountain in New York, one of the so-called “High Peaks” collection of 46 mountains in the Adirondacks. Hikers in northern New York will pursue all 46 peaks, and are known as the ADk46ers in their attempt to collect all 46.

We are not two of those people. We didn’t even do the entirety of Whiteface. I can do the smaller peaks, at the present shape I’m in (Cascade, Phelps, Porter and Esther are plausible, but the rest require that I do more cardio… or -any- cardio in my case). I’m more in the camp of “Take a nice walk and get some pretty pictures.” We did manage to get some of that, and had a good time doing it.

On the way back we stopped at Claire and Carls (no apostrophe) for Michigans. An impulse decision, as our route took us into the neighborhood… but not before meandering through a multitude of tiny rural routes out in the middle of profound nowhere, because our GPS thought that would be more fun than just taking Route 9 all the way up.

Our GPS was wrong, it wasn’t fun, but we got to have our Michigans.